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Words. Aren’t they fantastic? And when they inspire, sell, persuade, inform, or simply entertain, people respond.


Whether your message is about teeth-tuggingly delicious pizza, last night’s dazzling sunset, or complexities of the heart (and its connection to quality dark chocolate), my job is to tailor your copy to sound and feel just like you.

But what is copy?

Copy is the written content within a publication, such as blogs, websites, and social media posts. It’s the work of a copywriter (that’s me!) and compels readers to act.

And when great copy reflects your brand—your distinct voice—your audience might stand and clap, bawl their eyes out, grab their wallets, tell their friends, or, at the very least, remain seated and nod approvingly.


Sometimes you just want to write it yourself. Makes sense! After all, it was you who climbed to the top, ate the whole thing, felt the pain, won the award, prayed for a miracle, or created the product.

But too often problems arise. (They happen to the best of us.) Your word count is double what it should be. You accidentally refer to Noah as “the guy in the belly of a whale.” And you write the word “awesome” five times in the first paragraph.


What you need is a copyeditor (who, me?), someone who knows how to evaluate your literary masterpiece. Someone who will bring clarity to your message, remove clutter, correct grammar + punctuation, check facts, strengthen word choices, and improve overall readability.

Because, let's be honest, no one wants to read how you "were about to get ready to get going to go to Target." They just want to know you went to Target.


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Molly Jean Parker | Writer & Copyeditor