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A Few Things About You

You’ve finally got it out of your head and into a doc. That testimony, essay, project, or random spiel is finished. Or is it? Let me take a look. Whether it needs a simple proofing or a hold-nothing-back content edit, watch me work my Molly magic.

Your website’s landing pages could use a little sprucing up. To say its content reads a little drab and robotic is an understatement. May I please take a peek?


You've got something fabulous to sell or promote, and other than describing it as "really, really, really good," you're at a loss for words. Why not hand it over to me? Together, we'll snazz it up!

You're in the process of creating a Bible study, complete with devotional material, thought-provoking questions, and action steps. You want it to take readers deeper into Scripture. You want it to stir within them a hunger for God. And let’s be honest, you want it to make them chuckle. Assign the task to me, and I'll prayerfully create a powerful yet touching piece.

A Few Things About Me

Hi! I’m Molly, a Southern California-based writer & copyeditor whose passion is helping clients craft engaging, personality-packed content. My fascination with clever storylines and catchy phrasing began the moment I flipped open Gone With the Wind in the eleventh grade.


I cherish my role as contributor and editor for Anchored Press Devotional Planners and for Sacred Holidays Bible Studies and Resources. I also write for and a handful of bloggers and friends.

I'm a toy designer’s wife and mother to a darling teenager and two young adults. When I'm not French-braiding hair or tricking my sassy cat into sitting on my lap, I'm eating cake, baking a cake, or thinking about cake, which is surprising considering I've worked in the fitness industry 25 years.

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Molly Jean Parker | Writer & Copyeditor